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AHEM let's see if I remember how this thing works. Apologies to Lori for taking 6 months to post my LA pics.

OK, so I visited LA last October with Rina & Anj. Basically, most things you hear about LA is true -- (a) it is a huge sprawling city; (b) the traffic is really bad and (c) their transit is awful. I always thought that LA transit was buses only, I dunno why, blame Speed? So, while during my research, I discovered they have a subway system so I think, how can it be so bad? they've got subways! But yeah, as a tourist, it sucks. Other than a couple of stops, in the area we were staying anyway, the subway does not go to any touristy areas. We ended up using the Hop On/Hop Off buses as our main mode of transportation which worked out okay.

We stayed in the Hollywood & Highland area which where all the big touristy things area - TCL Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, Dolby Theatre, El Capitan Theatre, Jimmy Kimmel, etc etc.

Hollywood & Highland Centre

The musical stairs at the H/H Centre

Grauman's Egyptian Theatre

Dolby Theatre (where the Oscars are held; it amuses me to no end that this huge event is basically held in a shopping centre)

The Hollywood Sign from the H/H Centre

TCL Chinese Theatre

The Interstellar premiere

El Capitan (we were on our way to Santa Monica when we saw the Marvel marquee, found out later that it was the announcement of the next slate of Marvel movies and RDJ and Chris Evans were there ahhhhhhhhh)

Walk of Fame (took a gazillion pics of the stars but I'm just gonna post this one with Rina's foot (which was a recurring theme cause it seemed every time I took a pic of a star, Rina's foot would get in the frame somehow lol))

We took 2 studio tours. First up, Warner Bros

Harry Potter exhibit

Celebrating 75 years of Batman

The set of Central Perk, Friends

Props warehouse at WB Studios

The Ellen Show

We were brought into the stage where they shoot The Big Bang Theory but no pictures allowed.

Paramount Studios. Paramount rents out its studio space so, unlike WB, they don't really have any preserved sets.

Let's be real, I just really cared about the Glee stuff ;) The set of the Starlight Diner, where Santana, Rachel & Kurt worked

They were filming the Invitationals at the time so while I didn't see any of the main cast (altho, I did spot Darren's car in the parking lot, I'm such a creeper lol), we did catch a glimpse of some Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline members

The Forrest Gump bench

Recognize this? Probably in used in every single NCIS

Can't visit LA without going to the beach! Santa Monica Pier

Random house but it reminded me of Tony Stark's house

The Grove shopping centre, also the location of The Gap where Blaine serenaded Jeremiah ;)

Beverly Hills. Where streets are lined specific trees and fire hydrants are painted gold.

The Bradbury Building, downtown LA

Walt Disney Concert Hall

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