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house of carters

MuchMusic has started to air this series and I watched the first ep out of curiousity.  OMG what a completely f-ed up family.  You know it's bad when Nick comes out as the sane one.  Aaron is a brat who has this disturbing tendency to date Nick's ex-girlfriends, ewwwwwww.  The 3 sisters are completely useless in all senses of the word.  The way they view Nick as their personal ATM is disgusting.  "He's the one with the millions" whines one of them when Nick refused to pay for something.   I don't know much about what happened with their parents, especially the mother, but there are *so* many issues there.  The oldest girl comes across as having a drinking problem and gives Britney a run for her money in the white trash category.   The more I watch, the more I feel bad for Nick.  You can tell he wants to re-connect with his siblings but he doesn't know how to deal with the craziness.  He's been forced into the father position -- he's repeatedly told Aaron, "I'm NOT your father, I'm you brother!"  I've been reading the TWoP thread and it's hilarious in all its cruel, but well-deserved, snark.


In RL news, I've survived my first week at the new job.  The commute is a bitch -- it went from 20mins to 75mins -- but I only have to live with it for a couple of months. 


Due to a loss of sanity this afternoon, I ended up purchasing 3 CDs from former Idols.  Rex Goudie's 2nd CD, Suzi Rawn & Aaron Walpole.  There was a sale!!  And a discount on top of the sale!!  And I hadn't eaten lunch yet so obviously my brain was lacking nutrition and was not functioning normally.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it :)  I can upload if anyone is curious.  I haven't listened to the CDs myself, yet.


My goal for the new year is to refrain from buying books for 1 year and read the books I own.  So, inspired by 50bookchallenge and 15000pages, I'll be recording my progress on my LJ.  I won't do any book reviews cause I suck at reviews.  I don't think I'll hit either goals but I'm curious to see how close I'll get.  So, my first entry, which is a bit of cheating since I actually started to read it before the new year but it was just a few days --

Eragon, Christopher Paolini  -- 1/50; 497/15,000

PS The movie version wasn't that great.


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Jan. 8th, 2007 02:26 am (UTC)
Perversely, I've wanted to watch House of Carters since I've heard about it, but was too lazy to seek for episodes online or the whathaveyous, and I figured that one of the music channels I get was bound to start showing it one of these days. It's all in the 'celebrity's reality show' craze.

I have to agree with your impression of it, after I've seen the first two episodes for myself. I think it's a common opinion that it makes people see Nick in a different light, actually feeling sorry for him and what he's going through emotionally. And, damn, does his family have issues! And, shamelessly it's probably the sole reason why I'm fascinated by it. Well, also possibly because I have 10-years-old crushes on Nick and Aaron, but mehhhh, mostly for the fucked up-ness of their family. I mean, yeah, woo for fucked up family dynamics!

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Hahahaha, I like that you had to justify it. Idols CD justify themselves, no need for reasoning! :P I've once told myself I needed to own every Idol CD I could get my hands on, but... that proves to be an exhausting task (for my wallet), especially with those Canadians. Damn, are they productive! But, I did buy Rex's latest, and heard Aaron's. I'll get to hear them all once one day though, at least. That's my goal.

Book challenges, awesome! I should do that! Though, I'd start with, like... one book, haha. I'd do better with movies, probably. But, awesome idea!
Jan. 8th, 2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
Is that a wee!Winchesters icon? How adorable :)

The show should be re-named "Free Nick!" Not that he doesn't have issues of his own but damn. Although Nick mocking Aaron's "street talk" before the big fight was comedy gold! I'll probably end up watching more eps, if I happen to catch it or something.

>>...need to own every Idol CD I could get my hands on

Wow, you're crazier than I am! :) I pretty much avoid AI so have no interest in their stuff. I did get AusI2's Anthony Callea & Casey Donovan's CDs. Didn't Anthony have a 2nd CD? And I've downloaded Will Young's stuff.

>>especially with those Canadians

I'm good for the past seasons but if Chad, Craig or Tyler for ever release CDs, I'll probably end up getting those, too.
Jan. 8th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
Yes! :D So is this one, though not directly from the show. Their childhood fascinates me as much, if not more, than their adult hunter life. :3

Haha, very good one, and yes they should! I think I'll just catch the show if I happen to fall upon it too, although as Much's schedule likes reruns very much, that could be often. But, hehehe.

Wow, you're crazier than I am!

Lol! Oh, don't worry. It is my ideal goal, but I'm not even close to having half of the available CDs. Anthony did get a 2nd CD out recently, but I haven't got my hands on either of his, which is a shame because I'm in love with his voice. I do have Lee Harding's though (downloaded :x), and a really random selection of Norwegian and Swede CDs courtesy of my ex-roommate.

Haha, I think the fourth season is the one I'm following most closely past-season. Or, maybe I'm just getting more and more intense as time goes by, haha, I don't know. It seems I can't get away from those CI4 boys. Chad, Craig and Tyler, and Brandon and Chris. And Keith and Greg.
Jan. 8th, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
I was flipping through the channels yesterday afternoon and saw House of Carters too! Did they just start airing this yesterday? I came in at the part where Nick and Aaron were screaming at each other and then Nick threw Aaron into a room and started to beat the crap out of him and my jaw just dropped. I watched about ten minutes of the following episode but then I just had to change the channel because the sisters were starting to annoy me. I thought I can from a dysfunctional family!

I remember doing the 60-90 minute commute to work so I totally feel for ya! But hang in there, it's just a couple more months, right?!! Weeee!!

Aaron Walpole has a CD out now? Who knew??
Jan. 8th, 2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
Ooooooo, handcuffed!Kiefer. Me likey. Season premiere is almost here!

HoC started a week or 2 ago? I get so confused cause MM keeps airing reruns. Aren't the sisters awful? I just finished reading the TWoP thread and there's LOTS more dysfunction coming up.

I'm off to a client's tomorrow and they're located in... Markham! Score!! I can "sleep in" for a couple of weeks.

Aaron's CD came out a while ago, same wiith Suzi's.
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