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if you're going to san francisco...

... make sure to bring a jacket and a scarf cause while it may look bright & sunny, it is deceiving! The wind, OMG no one warned me about the wind *brrrrrrrr* As a result, we all came back from SF with colds lol Anyhoo, had a great time with faninohio and her nephew. Would love to go back some day -- visit Muir Woods, the Sonoma/Napa region even though I don't like wine, the sea lions at the Wharf, Golden Gate Park, walk through Haight-Ashbury.

View of the city from the Twin Peaks

View of the city + Bay Bridge from the ferry

Cable car!

Entrance to Chinatown

City hall

Transamerica Building (ie that really tall pyramid-like building)

A mini-redwood forest besides the Transamerica building

The pretty, colourful Victorian houses of Haight-Ashbury

Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently we were quite lucky as the area had been getting quite a bit of fog days before.


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