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sometimes fandom is just too much

I must be one of the most laidback, hard-to-offend person cause DAMN. The rage/disgust/hate that I see on my tumblr dash -- and the people I follow are relatively sane (well, as sane as a fangirl can be) -- after a Glee episode astounds some times. I feel like I'm not watching the same show. Or is something wrong with me? Like, I saw the scenes everyone is raging over but they don't bother me. I mean, they bother me but (a) not to the same extent and/or (b) I think the scenes were suppose to bother me and (c) IT'S A TV SHOW. IDEK

And another unpopular opinion for my little corner of fandom -- as much as I love Klaine/Kurt/Blaine, I do not watch Glee solely for them. If the characters were written off, I would still watch the show. And I get that Blaine/Darren is super popular. I love the guy too but omg I hate the "BLEE" crap I see sometimes. Glee =/= Blaine. I do not want Glee to turn into the Blaine Show. It's an ENSEMBLE show. Yes, there are lead characters -- plural. The show doesn't revolve around a single character (as much Rachel would disagree).

One more rant while I'm at it. I also hate the passive-aggressive (I think that's the term) bragging that I see. You know those people, the ones who like to casually remind everyone how many times they've seen Darren and/or Chris. All the concerts/appearances they've been to. I mean, be excited about it and everything but how many times must you mention that you were at so-and-so event that happened months/over a year ago *rolls eyes*

I need to take a tumblr break. Especially with the crazy that will happen after next week's episode.
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