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fandom update (spoilers beware)

Glee. Episode 4x04 is a big one. I'm resisting the urge to listen to the new songs (I just know "Teenage Dream (acoustic)" is going to kill me). While I have seen some spoilers for this ep, I'm trying my hardest to avoid them. But it's so difficult and now screeners have hit the media which means detailed spoilers will be available. Basically, I have to stay off of tumblr til the episode airs.

Here's the sneak peak (which I've only watched once!)

Doctor Who. I knew the Ponds were leaving and I was still unprepared. When Rory and Amy jumped off the building? *tears* But then they came back! And then Rory is taken again. When Amy voluntarily lets the weeping angel take her so she can be with him? *tears* You think it's done but oh no, Moffatt includes an Afterword! Even more tears! I'm sad that Moffatt has basically laid out that we will never be able to visit the Ponds again but I'm glad they lived a long & happy life... sometime in the past. I'm going to miss Amy & Rory. Bring on the Christmas ep and the new companion!

In the meantime, thank goodness we have...

Merlin. Merlin is back!!! With the 5th season about to start, we finally get a proper photoshoot with the cast. About bloody time!

And a season 5 sneak peek! (did you know this season will be darker than the last? they say that every year lol)

The New Normal. Still loving it. It got a full season pick up so yay for that! And Ryan has said that Andrew Rannells will sing on the show so double yay!

Elementary. I enjoyed the pilot. I've always been a Lucy Liu fan and bless whoever decided to let Jonny Lee Miller keep his accent. Already sick and tired of the comparison to BBC Sherlock. It is possible to like both shows!
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