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the rest of my tiff pictures

It was a long & tiring weekend. Got about 4 hours of sleep each night. Played host to 2 crazy Darren fangirls and met many more. Thank goodness for Cloud Atlas cause that movie has a shitton of actors in it!

Greg Kinnear

Amy Adams

Mark Ruffalo (looking directly at R!)

Johnny Depp (the insanity was off the charts)

Jennifer Lawrence

Chris Tucker

Bradley Cooper

Nina Dobrev

Ezra Miller

Johnny Simmons

Logan Lerman

Mae Whitman (she was the voice for Katara!)

Emma Watson

Will, Jada and Jaden Smith (Willow was there too but no pics)

Tom Hanks

Susan Sarandon

Jim Sturgess

Jim Broadbent

Hugo Weaving

Halle Berry

Hugh Grant

Ben Whishaw
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