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~ It's Thursday! Our office is closed tomorrow for Passover.

~ ummmmm in all my other previous places of employment, when the office is closed on the Friday, Thursday becomes "casual Friday" so why am I the only person in the office casual? Oopsie. But none of the bosses have said anything so *thumbs up*

~ Disco + Glee next week. Klaine dancing together. I look forward to the hilarity.

~ Remember you have a dentist appt tomorrow

~ And remember to pick up the Coldplay tickets

~ The Avengers had their premiere yesterday(? day before?) Have been trying to stay as spoiler-free as I can but it's been hard. We're getting a premiere too! Wonder who will come?

~ I'm still quite full from lunch (yummy sushi) and yet can't stop munching on M&Ms.

~ Oooh e-mail to remind us about database upgrade so must log out by 4pm. Does that mean we can leave early?

~ Co-worker has been testing my nerves lately. Really wish she would just leave me alone for a while and stop being so clingy and the whining about her job, her kids, her husband, wanting to make more money, blah blah blah.

~ Have fallen so far behind in my Goodreads reading challenge. Why can't fanfiction be counted towards my goal? I would've reached it by now LOL

~ As much as I really really wish I was going to NYC next weekend for the TriBeCa film fest & Chris Colfer & Struck By Lightning, I wish I was in NYC right now a million times more cause OMG DOCTOR WHO IS FILMING THERE AND THERE'S ALL THESE PICS OF MATT & KAREN & ARTHUR IN CENTRAL PARK AND TAKING PICTURES WITH THE FANS AND JUST BEING REALLY FRIENDLY AND AWESOME.

~ Time to go home yet?
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