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Alright, with Big Brother being the Blaine-centric episode AND guest starring the ever dashing Matt Bomer, I pretty much already loved this ep =) I've only seen it once (the ep is d/l'g as I type for many future re-watches) so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

~ Hey, look! Kurt & Blaine are actually having a conversation! Talking to each other! Loved Kurt's reaction to meeting Cooper.

~ Bomer as the self-absorbed, douchey, thinks he's a Big Hollywood Actor was HILARIOUS!! His acting master class! How does the other actor know if you're talking to them if you don't POINT at them!! INTENSE ACTING requires INTENSE YELLING!

~ Sooooo Blaine and Quinn/Artie basically got all the songs, didn't they? I liked the Quartie bonding but why so harsh, Artie? Thinking he may be a tad resentful that Quinn has a good chance of walking again.

~ I'm a big ol' Blaine/Darren stan (not as big as some but still) and, I confess, the whole "Fighter" sequence had me giggling. So OTT. Darren can't really do angry, can he? Plus side, that performance did give us this:

No lie. My tumblr dash for about 30 posts was nothing but gifs from that scene. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

~ Sue had some brilliant one-liners. And as long as they keep Roz Washington to one scene every other episode, I'm good.

~ Probably one of the cutest scenes ever

Another conversation! Blaine has Kurt's unicorn student president campaign poster in his locker, awwwwwwww. Now go sing your feelings to your smokin' hot brother, Blaine!

~ Hey look. It's Teen Jesus Joe. I forgot about you. And sure, we're just a few weeks away from Nationals, let's add another person to the glee club!

~ The Finchel conversation with Finn standing up for himself! You go, Finn!!

~ I'm just glad my show is back :)

ETA: Cooper's audition tape for Micheal Bay

Matt Bomer is just perfection. He needs to come back next year.
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