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my week in pictures

Saturday, March 24 - Korean food for lunch with mom and then off to see Shrek

Sunday, March 25 - I did my personal tax return a whole month early!

And I bought 2 polishes from The Hunger Games collection

Monday, March 26 - on the subway, saw this guy carrying a Ministry of Magic bag on the work

Went for a body scrub + massage after work. This is the whirlpool inside the changeroom.

Tuesday, March 27 - where I spend 10-12 hours a day during the week

Time to go home

Wednesday, March 28 - optometrist appointment, my eyesight just keeps getting worse :(

Thursday, March 29 - decided to wear my red heels to work :)

And after work, bought more nail polish - the madness has to stop! - but they're the mini bottles which are just so cute, I had to have them

Friday, March 30 - treated myself to some breakfast from Timmy's

Subway on the way home, spotted this guy wearing, what I call in my head, Kurt Hummel boots

Then vegged in front of the tv watching a movie

Saturday, March 31 - headed up north and had dim sum with the parents, yummy

Stayed over at my parents' for the night

Sunday, April 1 - went to Pacific Mall (very popular Chinese mall) where I had bubble tea, searched for a phone case and came to the realization all the good ones are for iPhones and checked out fake designer bags

And then dinner with the family & grandparents to celebrate my brother & grandmother's birthdays

And that's it. Time for bed soon and get ready for another work week but at least it'll be a short one!
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