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parked & war horse

I saw Parked tonight and it's good. A quiet movie, a sad movie but perhaps hopeful at the end?

Let's just talk about Colin cause, wow, he blew me away. So very different from Merlin. Colin does play the troubled young man so very well. And, from what I gather, he's using a different Irish accent than his own. I had some trouble understanding what he was saying though. Almost all his scenes were with Colm Meaney and their friendship was sweet.

Colin made me cry :'(

On a shallow note, damn he looked gorgeous. There were some shots in there that took my breath away. Even all bloodied up, he looked good. The camera really does love his face and bless the director for the numerous closeup shots. Am looking forward to when a digital copy is out there because I'm anticipating all the lovely gifs.


Saw the stage adaptation of War Horse this afternoon. Excellent play. The horse puppets were AMAZING. I haven't watched the movie yet cause I wanted to see the play first but now, I'm a bit hesitant about the movie just because I know it will make me cry.
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