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toronto irish film fest anyone?

The Toronto Irish Film Festival is this weekend and their closing film is Parked starring Miles O'Brien Colm Meaney and Merlin Colin Morgan. The film is playing at the TIFF Lightbox this Saturday @ 8pm. I'm planning on going so if anyone wants to join me...?

Speaking of film fests, Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning has been added to the Tribeca Film Fest which is just so awesome!! I'm hoping this a good sign that SBL will come to TIFF. Did anyone watch the LA reading of "8"? I thought it was really well done. Everyone was really good but I couldn't help but be moved by Chris' performance. And seeing Chris doing a scene with Clooney & Bacon just gave me all kinds of proud mama feelings.

In other news, I have 2 long weekends coming up. One is the Good Friday long weekend, the other is due to Passover. I would like to go somewhere but I'm not sure where.
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