November 25th, 2012

merlin: merlin arthur back

it's official - no more merlin :(

So it has been announced -- series 5 will be Merlin's last. The creators have always said they have a 5 year plan and it looks like they're sticking to it (unlike some other show lol). That's fine.

What's not fine? That we are 4 episodes away from the finale and ARTHUR STILL DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT MERLIN'S MAGIC!!!!! The whole series, all they talked about was how Arthur will unite Albion and with Merlin by his side, magic will be restored. I want to see Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic, I want to see him pissed because (a) well, magic and (b) Merlin has been lying to him for all these years. I want to see Arthur come to realize that magic can be good. I want to see Merlin finally get the acknowledgement he deserves for the countless times he's saved Arthur/Camelot. I want to see Arthur & Merlin become friends again but this time with Arthur knowing everything. I want to see Arthur & Merlin being the BAMFs that they are together. IS THAT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?!?!?!

*deep breaths*

Thank god for fanfiction.