November 15th, 2012

movies: anne and gil

come and knock on my door

Don't know why but have sudden craving to watch some Three's Company so am currently downloading seasons 1-4 (the uploader hasn't uploaded the remaining seasons -- is then when Somers left the show?) I remember absolutely loving this show when I was younger. Back then, for me, it was all about John Ritter's physical comedy -- the pratfalls & the falling over furniture -- and the landlords, the Ropers & Mr Farley. Those 2 are my biggest memories of watching the show. I'm sure, upon re-watching, I will also finally get all those jokes that my young brain didn't understand :)

Hmmmm this uploader has also uploaded The Golden Girls. Am tempted to snag those as well. And I should look up Family Ties too!! I know my brother had The Cosby Show but I think he deleted them, damnit.

Any suggestions/favourites, f-list?