November 8th, 2012

disney: eve

the recovery may be more difficult than the surgery

Have successfully made it through surgery #2. Stayed overnight at the hospital and was discharged the next morning. Having an IV is annoying as hell. R dropped by at the beginning and end of her shift - nice to see a familiar face :) feeling much better this time compared to the first one although am experiencing muscle soreness - probably from not moving much these last 2 days. Staying at the parents' for recovery. Unfortunately, this is a stressful time as my paternal grandmother passed away a few days ago. My aunt & cousin are flying in tonight with another cousin arriving this weekend. The funeral is this Monday. My dad is really stressed out, taking care of all the arrangements & visiting my grandfather who's currently in a nursing home, so it hasn't been the peaceful sanctuary like last time. Hopefully, once my aunt arrives tonight, she'll be able to take some of the pressure off. Sorry for the downer post but all is well and once the funeral is over, things will settle down.