August 17th, 2012

actor: zach zach

weekend plans

The boss is on vacation \o/ I don't wanna work!!

~~ I'm seeing Backbeat on Saturday. It's a musical about the beginning of The Beatles which means I already like it just for the music :)

~~ Sunday is CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) Day!! Figure skaters Virtue & Moir are part of a show so I'm looking foward to seeing them. Then Rina had to tell me that Nick Carter is performing on the Sunday which means I HAVE TO GO.

~~ Just found out that an One Direction Pop Up store is opening a few blocks from me this weekend. It's the first in North America (they started in Australia) and the store is only here for 2 weeks. I am totally going :) What a brilliant idea. If they did this back in the NKOTB days, holy crap I would've spent so much money.