July 30th, 2012

glee: kurt in purple (nyc)

old friends, familiar faces, new friends and chris colfer in ohio

First off, I would just like to express my sincerest thanks to faninohio for indulging me and driving me and coming with me to the Colfer signings *BIG HUG*

The Book Loft @ Columbus, OH. They started the line at the front of the store but we went to the back entrance to see if we could see Chris arrive. Which we did but (a) my camera decided to go on a weird fritz & wouldn't focus (b) I was probably shaking too badly to take a decent picture anyway and (c) Fan was looking at a cat so missed the whole thing haha. After Chris arrives, they actually moved the line from the front to the back of the store and as we're trying to find our place in line (everyone got numbers), a girl dressed like Snow White stopped me and said she recognized me. A couple of questions later and we figure out we were TIFF red carpet buddies for Cory's film last year! Such a small world, eh?

For both signings, difficult to get pictures approaching Chris (which was discouraged anyway) so all my pictures were taken afterwards.

I did pull myself together enough to ask whether or not his movie, Struck By Lightning will come to TIFF and he said no. His publicist basically said there was no reason to as the movie already had its premiere at TriBeCa plus a few other festivals and it has already been purchased by a distributor. So there goes my hopes of a Darren/Chris TIFF :(

Cincinnati signing. I really liked this bookstore and we totally scored an awesome parking spot! I didn't ask him anything this time but I did notice how he basically signs the books without even looking and instead will establish eye contact and say, at minimum, something like "thank you for coming".

As I was checking in at the airport, the woman in front of me, Connie, totally remembered me as we both flew in on the same flight (there was only 11 people on that flight which was pretty awesome!). So we ended up chatting (she's a sales rep so she could talk lol) for the entire time and throughout the actual flight cause our assigned seats were right beside each other. Anyway, turns out she's a fellow Gleek and had no idea Chris was in the area that weekend. She didn't even know he released a book. Her 5 year old daughter loves Chris too so I offered her one of my signed copies.

For my f-list first, Fan has an extra signed copy so if anyone is interested, let me (or Fan) know!

So wrap up. Had an awesome time. Met Chris and did not burst into tears like I saw so many girls do. So great to see Fan again as it's been too long. Can't believe I actually met someone I knew at one of the signings and I made an adorable 5 year old girl happy. A good weekend was had. And now I can't believe I have to go work, ugh.