May 12th, 2012

glee: darren out black tee

west side story

Saw West Side Story. The dancing was phenomenal -- loved the America number! I did miss the guys in the number. After some reading, the all-girl version painting America in a positive light was the original version. The movie added the guys and changed the lyrics to reflect the hardships & racism. I also wished they ended it the same way as the movie, with the Puerto Ricans rushing in to help carry Tony. The musical ends with Baby John placing the scarf on Maria's head and everyone just standing there. But whatever. Minor nitpick. Great production so I definitely recommend it!

Although I was kinda disappointed the cast didn't look like this ;)


OMG I just saw this video on tumblr and HO.LY.SHIT. I was not expecting THAT at all. And he's only 18!!