May 5th, 2012

tv: big bang cast


Everyone is seeing The Avengers but I'm not going til Wednesday (!!!!) (and again on Friday). MUST.RESIST.SPOILERS. And I would like to thank all those on my f-list using the lj-cut :)

In other news, Zac Efron & Matt LeBlanc were on the Graham Norton Show and were hilarious! Their stories about fan encounters while driving were too funny. And holy smokes, Matt has one sexy voice! Part 3 of the interview also has an adorable story about Matt's daughter and his famous line, "how you doin'?"

Last Thursday, I went to a Bryan Adams concert! It was kinda last minute as my co-worker needed someone to go with her. Simple stage, nothing fancy, just a great rock show. He sounded amazing live. No opening act, just 2.5 hours of Bryan. I forgot how many hits Bryan has had! Summer of 69 still is the big favourite though.

Oh! And I finally watched the L&O-inspired Community. Holy crap, that was BRILLIANT. And I've never watched a single ep of L&O so who knows how many in-jokes/homages I missed, still awesome though.