March 3rd, 2012

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a free saturday, at last

* I slept in (to 8:40 but that's sleeping in for me!)

* Went to St Lawrence Market, bought some fruit and fresh bagels. One of the downsides of living alone is wanting to buy all these yummy bakery things but there's no way I could eat it all before it loses its freshness or, conversely, I stuff myself and eat way too much.

* Got a mani/pedi. Yay for pretty purple polish!

* Did a picspam of Grant Gustin's tweet pictures. Collapse )

* Now, I'm going to make some lunch, clean up the place before my bro + SIL drop by & perhaps watch a movie or catch up on some tv shows.

* Have a good weekend everyone!
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this video expresses all my feelings

Remember Darren being in People's Sexiest Man Alive issue and there was a behind-the-scenes video released of the photoshoot with Darren frolicking on a Malibu beach? Well, 300 pictures from that photoshoot has been released onto the internet and cue DARREN CRISS SEX RIOT MELTDOWN on tumblr.

Now, I won't be posting all 300 pictures haha but bless the tumblr people for making photosets. But the best part of this whole thing has got to be this video from Tyler Oakley. Tyler is "internet famous" - a successful blogger/tweeter/Youtuber. He came to the Klaine fandom's attention when he was at the Trevor Project gala and tweeted about touching Chris Colfer's ass (and Chris responded!) Anyway, this video is Tyler's reaction to the Darren pics and he basically sums up the entire fandom. He's totally one of us and we love him for it :D

Collapse )