February 4th, 2012

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the hunger games

I resisted The Hunger Games for a long time. The series caught my attention with all the hype surrounding the release of the 3rd book so I looked into it but once I discovered what it was about, I put it right back. But then more hype with the announcement of the movie. And then my brother -- the brother that barely reads! -- asked me if I had the book. I downloaded the trilogy onto my e-reader for my UK trip but I never got around to reading it. Why? Cause my mom started reading it on the train to Edinburgh and kept it for the rest of the trip.

Now, all 3 books have been read (the 3rd one in a day! don't remember the last time I did that). Really looking forward to the movie although I'll probably watch a lot of it peeking through my fingers.

BTW, I'm totally on Team Peeta :)
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better than i know myself

New video from Adam Lambert yaaaaaaaay!!!

Really liking the new song. I prefer the less glammed version of Adam. Not that I ever want him to lose the guyliner (the horror!) but when his hair is not gelled to the nth degree and he's not buried under all the spikes and jewellery and makeup, that I like.