December 4th, 2011

misc: yin yang


Opening credits of the new Avatar, The Legend of Korra, has been released!

I love the continuity from The Last Airbender. SO.EXCITED.


Went to see the musical, Mary Poppins, yesterday. Not bad. I found that it dragged it certain places and, I hate slagging on kids but dear lord, the girl playing Jane had the worst accent ever. I could barely make out half of her lines! Didn't really notice it til about halfway through the first act but I loved how Mary Poppins will always do a little flourish before heading up the stairs.

After that, I needed to watch the movie. Oh Julie Andrews is divine.
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if i ever needed a wtf icon, the time is now

I never understood shipping wars. Sure, I can understand not liking a certain pairing or wishing a character was paired up with someone else but see, isn't that what fanfiction/LJ/tumblr is for?

So, in Glee, there are many ships -- Klaine, Finchel, Wemma, Faberry, Britana, Puckleberry, Tike etc etc. I mean the list goes on and on. But there's no one crazier than the Kam (Kurt/Sam) shippers. Maybe when Sam was first created, he was intended to be Kurt's boyfriend but that obviously changed by the time filming came around and other than Kurt thinking Sam was a possible fellow gay in that one episode, there's been nothing. NOTHING. They can ship Kam all they want. Hate Blaine all they want. But I'm sorry, the chance of Sam waking up one day and deciding he's gay/bi and wants Kurt is practically non-existent (never going to say never because we all know how cracky Glee writers are). However, bombarding entertainment journalists/actors via twitter is not going help. And petitioning the Obama administration to ban Samcedes is just truly horrifying. *headdesk so hard* WHAT. THE. EVERLASTING. FUCK.

Fandom is fun. Just stay away from the scary sections.