September 12th, 2010

actor: james wanted

tiff parts 1 & 2

Sorry to post & run but it's almost midnight and I am wiped out. I've practically given up trying to get any decent pics at the red carpets especially the 9pm galas cause camera + darkness = crappy pics. Plus the crowds are getting bigger earlier now. However, it is nice to just watch the craziness instead of trying to snap photos.

The following is a mix of mine and bauersgirl's photos (the ones with a *). I had to attend a wedding Friday night so I missed a few red carpets.

Things that need to be noted:

Justin Long is adorable. Alexis Bledel's eyes are insane. David Schwimmer looks like he just stepped off the Friends set. Robin Wright was actually smiling. Redford and DeNiro were elusive as expected. Asshole autograph hounds continue to be asses. AND JAMES MCAVOY IS FUCKING GORGEOUS FULL STOP.

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