November 15th, 2009

sn: jared legs

and so ends my last con

The quick rundown version as (a) everything and anything important has probably been tweeted or posted about already (b) I am currently pre-occupied with stuffing my face with chicken teriyaki & sushi as I am starving and only had junk food (ie chips, M&Ms & Tim Tams) all day (c) my pictures most likely suck as we were too far back for decent pics and (d) I don't have my photo ops pics as I had to leave before they were printed.

* Aldis is very soft spoken which I did not expect and a big sweetheart, which I did expect and he has very white teeth that even his smile dazzled us in row S
* I now have a teeny tiny crush on Robert Spreight Jr who had the best story about Misha's underpants
* Was operating on an hour's sleep for almost 40 hours so decided to give up Jim Beaver's autograph line and crashed @ 11pm on Saturday night
* I don't think Misha answered one question straight but then he wouldn't be Misha. Looked very dapper in the black suit
* During the J2 photo op, I accidentally stepped on Jared's foot. I kept apologizing and he replied, right in my ear as we were posing for the camera, "You get ONE". *diez*
* Due to my "international" status (or because I am *that* special), I did not get an e-mail ticket or a standard photo op ticket for my Jensen, Jared & J2 photo ops. Instead, I got some super special tickets that were handwritten on lined paper cut into ticket-size. CLASSY.
* The boys were funny and HOT and microphone-destroying and extremely sweaty (ie Jared)

Now, off to finish unpacking and downloading the new Merlin and Doctor Who, which OMG how did I not know there was new DW this weekend? Shame on me!