November 1st, 2009

glee: club in red

could this cast get any more awesome?

Mark Salling aka Puck aka Noah Puckerman aka Quinn's baby daddy aka the mohawked stud with the guns :) has a brand new spanking website: Mark Salling Music for his original stuff.

But the best part is that he wrote a song (with video!) as a tribute to the cast & crew of Glee

HOW SWEET IS THAT???!!? And the fact that he not only owns but wears an old skool NKOTB tee makes me love him even more <3
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idol: kris smile

more cuteness from kris

A lazy Sunday afternoon + looking for Kris icons led me to this picture:

I want to jump him. I'll probably break him but I want to do it anyway LOL

And I found the 30-sec previews of Kris' new CD on YouTube \o/ !!! I'm surprised so many songs are upbeat. I was expecting more of a mellow vibe. It's hard to judge an entire CD based on 30-sec clips but I like what I heard :)