October 25th, 2009

misc: blue flower

white collar

When I discovered that Matthew Bomer (aka Bryce Larkin from Chuck and from Traveler) had a new tv show, I was all over that. And wow, did I love the pilot! It's got that Leverage feel to it -- grifter helping the FBI solve crimes -- and Bomer looks GORGEOUS!!! I am such a sucker for the brunet/blue eyes combo.

Bomer in fitted turtlenecks & classic suits *sigh* Whoever the stylist is, god bless 'em.

The show itself is really good so that's a plus LOL! Kudos to the writers that didn't make the FBI look like idiots just to prop up the lead. I'm really enjoying the relationship between Neal (the grifter) and Peter (the FBI agent). There's mutual respect there and good chemistry (no slashing from me though). Peter gets great one-liners too. The scene where he finds Neal in his house, talking to his wife, cracked me up. The dialogue is quick and witty and did I mention the gorgeous-ness of Matthew Bomer?

This year, I've only added one new show -- Glee -- to my must-watch list so yay for new show!