October 1st, 2009

misc: white flower

soap opera talk ahead... skip ahead if you wish

I've mentioned before that I used to be a HUGE General Hospital fan, right? While GH was not my first soap -- that title goes to Santa Barbara, anyone remember that show? -- it was the one I stuck with the longest (about 10 years) and man, I was really into it. I stopped watching about 10 years ago cause frankly, it was starting to suck. I tuned back in when I lost my job and wow, it is so unbelievably bad. I don't recognize/know half the characters and the fact that Sonny and Jason are still treated like the second coming makes me so annoyed. So, I moved on.

Perusing the internet today, I discovered 2 things that are going to make me watch this damn show again.

One. James Franco is doing a guest spot. JAMES. FRANCO. Can you believe this? I've read different theories on why he wanted to do this -- he's currently taking film classes so this is research; he expressed a desire to try 'everything'; his friends told him that soap actors work harder than movie actors and he wanted to see if this was true, etc etc. Supposedly, he'll film for 3 days and his scenes will play out over a couple of months. C'mon, I gotta see this! He'll be part of the Jason storyline (of course, cause Jason is like The Chosen One over there *gag* ) so it's going to be so amusing to see if the cast, ya know, actually bring their A game instead of just cruising. I also read that Vanessa Marcil has expressed an interest in returning cause she wants to work with Franco.

Two. And this is the big one. Jonathan Jackson is reprising the role of Lucky Spencer. People, do you understand how big this is for me?!!! I ADORED Jackson. He's the original Lucky and while 2 fine actors succeeded him, it was never the same. The Lucky & Liz storyline was my first online fandom. I shipped them so hard before I even knew what shipping was! They were my ultimate OTP! I painstakingly edited my own Lucky & Liz videotapes using 2 VCRs! Which I still have! Liz is still being played by the original actress so I'm DYING to see these 2 actors on my screen again.

I hate you, ABC Daytime. First for introducing the Kish storyline on OLTL thereby sucking me back into the world of soaps once again. BTW, how cute were Kyle & Oliver today? VERY. And sweet Nick! I hope TPTB do right by Nick when this triangle comes to an end. Brett Claywell just has chemistry with everyone. I'm blatantly ignoring the cancellation rumours *lalalala I can't hear you* And now this. Damn you, ABC, damn you.