September 30th, 2009

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a whole lot of random

* Work is going okay. Slowly getting in the swing of things but I have an office and I can listen to music so yay! They feed us a breakfast here 3x a week which is nice. LJ/FB/Twitter are blocked though :( I was amused to discover that while is fine, is not. No love for the ladies, IT peeps?

* Blew my first paycheque on a shopping spree and am now proud owner of another Burberry bag and a scarf. When did I become such a Burberry girl? Thank god I'm too big to wear the clothes. I have banned myself from Yorkdale Mall. I knew that store will get me in trouble!

* A contractor is coming by this Sunday to do an estimate for my kitchen & bathroom. The renovation ball has finally started rolling! Gotta take advantage of the renovation tax credit.

* DeRo are finally back together YAAAAAAY!!! Today's ep was just full of happiness and sweetness especially after a month of angst. I love how when one soap kinda drops -- hello, VL? Give Ollian something, anything! And the Knish triangle feels like it's on super slow burn -- another fills the void.

* Today is GLEE day!!!!!!

* Have been drinking way too much pop/soda lately. Must put a stop to that.

* Nuit Blanche this weekend. Anyone doing this? I want to check out the Vanity Fair exhibit at the ROM.

* Kris Allen single, "Live Like You're Dying", me like. A little disappointed it's a cover but whatevs. And finally listened to Adam's cover of "Starlight". Prefer the original but he gets props for bringing Muse to my attention.

* TV round up: HIMYM and Big Bang Theory still rock. Missed the FlashForward pilot -- didn't know it was on til too late -- but yay for finally having something to watch before SPN. Merlin is AWESOME. I love that show so much. The Amazing Race is back with surprise elimination at the starting line (ooo, that's gotta hurt to be eliminated right off the bat) and duck herding in Vietnam! Animal challenges are always the best.