September 23rd, 2009

actor: thomas

are my eyes deceiving me?

I need someone's opinion on this.

Here's the gag reel from S2 Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles *moment of silence for its premature demise* OK, pay close attention to Mr Dekker @ ~4:13

Thomas running down the hall with his pants down. Last shot just before he runs out of frame -- did his cock pop out? Did I see this correctly or am I just a big ol' perv? I noticed it the first time I watched the clip but upon subsequent re-watches -- purely to see if I was correct, of course -- I fluctuate between "omg it is!" to "I'm not sure".

Abrupt change of topic. How awesome was Glee tonight? VERY. I heart Kurt SO MUCH. Only this show can make me like Beyonce. Finn is so adorably dim. Sue's Corner was hilarious -- litter is good cause it gives garbagemen work so they can earn money to buy tacos! Hello 3 new male members of the Glee Club and we have our 12. Everyday needs to be a Glee day.