August 29th, 2009

actor: thomas

fan expo

Went to the Fan Expo with onci_dium and ellel. Lots of queuing -- ticket line (where I enjoyed looking at Hot Guy in Hurley T-shirt); autograph line for Thomas Dekker; ticket line for Bruce Campbell autographs (which sold out) -- and then spent time just chilling, reveling in the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory and other fandom stuff while eating our vastly overpriced hotdogs (hotdog + drink + chips = $8.70 WTF? but I was starving so you win).

I was there mainly to see Thomas Dekker who was a complete sweetheart and loved it when I told him I was a member of dekker_daily (he referred to me as a Dekker Daily girl *squeeee*). And I got a hug YAY!!!

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