August 22nd, 2009

movies: spock & kirk

call me sweetheart & i'll buy you a coffee

I couldn't resist the new Tim Horton's that just opened across the street from me, so I decided to get an ice capp. While I'm waiting, this guy comes up and asks how much a small coffee is. $1.18. He then turns to me and asks if I want a coffee as well. I'm a little taken aback (yeah, no stranger has ever offered to buy me anything) but I decline. He starts checking his pockets and it's pretty obvious he doesn't have the money. He then asks me if I could spare a dollar cause he's got take some medicine, he thought he had his Tim's card on him but he can't find it and he thought I was a sweetheart so that's why he offered to buy me a coffee yada yada yada. So I paid for his coffee and he called me a sweetheart again. I don't mind helping a fellow out and even if he was just a smooth talker, at least I know the money went to buy a coffee and not drugs or alcohol.

Flattery will get you far with me LOL