July 26th, 2009

chuck: chuck sarah smile

where to start?

Am finally back to my little space in the world. *lets out big sigh of relief* After Mom basically kicked me out this morning -- "go home and do your laundry! and buy some groceries! and start thinking about the kitchen reno! and don't waste time on the internet! blahblahblah" -- drove through a huge thunderstorm (it got a bit scary for a few minutes on the highway when visibility was practically nothing). Groceries purchased. Load #1 of laundry is working away. I think I deserve some time-wasting yes?

~600 LJ entries to read. 2 soaps to catch up on. Comic Con videos/reports/pictures (there was a Jeffster performance? A kiss between David Tennant and John Barrowman? Glee!). I have like 20 tabs open right now, oy.

Any news, personal or fandom, that I missed? Fill me in!

Hopefully trip pictures will be posted either tonight or tomorrow cause if I don't do it soon, it'll never get done.

There goes the laundry ding, load #1 is done!