July 10th, 2009

misc: blue flower

while i wait for torchwood...

I watched the movie Little Ashes tonight, starring RPatzz as Salvador Dali. And I freely admit that my interest stemmed purely from the fact that the movie dealt with the 'alleged' affair between Dali and Frederic Lorca. OK the movie. The movie was... alright. Nothing special. Poor RPatzz had to wear a couple of really bad wigs there and the trademark Dali mustache looked pretty funny. Also, what is with RPatzz and playing the pale, sullen type? In the beginning, he reminded me of Edward a bit LOL. I loved the costumes -- the suits on the men!  Javier Beltram, who protrayed Lorca, is a cutie.

I found a youtube vid of my favourite scene. It's Dali and Lorca's first kiss but what I loved was how it was shot with the moonlight glistening off the water. It was just really pretty. The vid is kinda dark but it'll do.

And here's a gif of Adam doing what he does best (snagged from strippedpink )

I find this both mesmerizing and hilarious -- the way his belt buckle bounces? LOL

Against my better judgment, I have been watching One Life to Live the past few weeks.  The main reason I tuned in was the chance to be able to watch the upcoming Kyle/Fish storyline (I really am predictable) from the beginning.  Bonus was the realization that Scott Clifton -- who I loved as Dillon Quartermaine on GH -- is now on OLTL. 

Damnit, where is that Torchwood download???