July 7th, 2009

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job search update

Funny how life works sometimes. I hear nothing for weeks except for the occasional interview with a headhunter/agency and bang! 4 interviews in 1 week. And while I was on the phone with Interview #2 just a few minutes ago, someone leaves a voicemail regarding possible Interview #5. What the hell? Is everyone back from vacation or something?

Interview #1 - controller with a well-known not-for-profit. This was a prelim telephone interview and so far, my choice if I had to choose. Location is kinda far but it's accessible by subway and I'll be going against the traffic so that's a plus.

Interview #2 - senior accountant with a large, international design/engineering/consulting firm. Just had the prelim telephone screening interview. Not sure if it's a right fit though. I'm not too keen on working for a large company. And they're growing too which means more pressure and stress.

Interview #3 (tomorrow) - mat leave contract position with an insurance company. Eh, it's insurance, it's a contract position but it's better than nothing.

Interview #4 (Thurs) - another mat leave contract position with a residential home builder. I used to work for a home builder and I didn't like it. It's also way up in the suburbs but we'll see.

Possible Interview #5 - another home builder, damn. I really shouldn't base my decision on my one bad experience but what is it with me and the real estate industry? OK, that one was a bust. They're looking for someone with IFRS experience which I have none. But the lady said she'll keep my resume on file in case something else pops up.

On one hand, it feels good to be getting these interviews but man, I hate interviewing. I'm really not good at the whole "selling yourself" aspect.
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