June 30th, 2009

actor: kim jae-wook

meet my imaginary korean boyfriend

Kim Jae Wook, actor/model and OMG SO FREAKING PRETTY IT HURTS. I first noticed him in the movie, Antique which I adored and have re-watched too many times to count. He even speaks some French in it *swoon*. I then downloaded the Korean tv series, Coffee Prince -- a bunch of guys working in a coffee shop with a Twelfth Night twist & a quadrangle thrown in for good measure -- where he was part of the supporting cast playing the quiet & mysterious "Waffle Prince". I mainlined all 17 episodes within 4 days which resulted in a lot of late nights so thank god I'm not working!

I'm now addicted Korean dramas and want moooooore!! And it's a slippery slope to Japanese dramas from here. To think I used to tease my mom & SIL for watching this stuff. Korean guys are adorable! Where have I been all this time? LOL

Picspam ahead, of course. Collapse )