June 28th, 2009

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can't stop, won't stop - toronto pride

Am back from volunteering at the Pride parade. It was my first time volunteering and while I definitely plan on volunteering again next year, not for the parade though. Damn. It rained constantly in the morning so we all got soaked. The roads were chalked to indicate where all the different groups were to line up but the rain washed them away so no one knew where to go. Of course they ask us but we're just as clueless as they were!

It all somehow worked out in the end. The sun came out within the first 5 minutes of the parade and the rain stopped for good. We were assigned different groups to march with to make sure everything went okay -- ie the group stayed together, no big gaps, media didn't disrupt the flow etc etc. I got the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) contingent! Yeah, I had a real hard job keeping the cops in line LOL! Although having the siren going off right behind you for a hour was no fun.

Walking down the parade route was an experience. So different from being in the audience cause you just don't get see how many people are there and man, the crowds were huge in spite of the rain. I heard some of the cheesiest lines from people flirting with the cops (there was one black male cop that everyone liked =]). We got flashed by a couple of girls leaning out of their apartment window -- a lot of people enjoyed that LOL! Only during Pride can one flash a cop, shoot a water pistol at a cop and try to hook up with a cop without consequence!

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