June 6th, 2009

merlin: scruffy colin


I've seen Riverdance on the television and via video but today, I finally saw it live. Amazing, of course. What was especially amusing was a twenty-something year-old guy (with his gf) in our little row who kept making exclamations like "Jesus!" and "Wow!" Awwww, he was completely fanboying the dancers.

The precision and speed is beyond brillant but what always gets me is how the guy seems to float/glide across the stage as if his feet never touches the ground. It awes me. And the flamenco dance is probably one of the sexiest things I've seen on stage.

In other news, I need to STOP SPENDING MONEY. This is especially hard to do when there is all this free time and a freaking mall right outside my building.

The reading challenge is becoming pathetic. I'm 2.5 years into it and I've just passed the halfway mark. That's just sad.

The Shadow in the North, Philip Pullman 26/50

Faery Rebels: Spellhunter, rj_anderson 27/50 (can I have sequel now plz?)
torchwood: barrowman collar

i clearly fail at life

Exhibit A: (picture snagged from all over my f-list)

Why is this is not my job? Why did I not go into hair/makeup for movies/tv? WHHHHHYYYYYYY????

Exhibit B: I am not at the Torchsong convention in Chicago (for Torchwood). I didn't even know there was a con until a bunch of bad news sprung up just before. First Kai Owen had to cancel due to a family tragedy. Then John Barrowman injures himself (he fell off his balcony and badly injured his ankle) and is not allowed to fly. Then Tom Price gets hit by a bloody car! (but he still shows up for a bit with a broken arm).

Anyway, Barrowman still made an appearance via video link which was great of him. Now, all these reports are coming in about how Scott, John's gorgeous hubby, made an appearance in A WHITE SPEEDO WITH 'FUEL INJECTION' WRITTEN ACROSS HIS ARSE. Scott, whom fandom has pretty much left alone as it was known that he preferred to stay in the background. Now he's making con appearances 90% naked, getting his arse slapped by John and demostrating sexual positions! All I'm saying is that there better be pictures!

Exhibit C: The refrigerator and cupboards are bare. I have nothing to eat except for Campbell soup which I am really sick of. Must grocery shop tomorrow.