May 24th, 2009

glee: club in red

random things of happiness

* The bromance of Quinto & Pine continues in epic form with this find by openmydoors

* Another Trek related item -- click the link for LOOOOOLs but be warned as music is part of the post and there's swearing.

* Final Trek contribution -- Vulcan pick up lines!

I wish to confirm your proficiency at cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Cadet, as I find myself experiencing an increased probability of respiratory system malfunction while in your vicinity.

I am concerned that you are not showing signs of fatigue, Cadet Uhura, as you have been vigorously sprinting through the confines of my subconscious since dawn.

Cadet Uhura, if I were to select an enzyme that most exemplifies my current state of being, I would select the DNA helicase. This, of course, would permit me to unzip your genes.

* pictures of sweaty!footballer!Bradley at a celebrity(?) match here. One minor complaint though -- this weekend was the London Expo with the Merlin cast and the football game and the pictures I've seen have not been the best. Am I just not finding them? C'mon Merlin fans, you can do better!

* the explosion of Glee icons has been awesome! It is very possible that every single frame of the ep will be iconized by the time the show comes back LOL!

* Terminator: Salvation was pretty good. Lots of Anton Yelchin on the big screen was even better.