May 21st, 2009

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now that i have all this time...

... I don't know what to do! LOL But I do have A Plan. A tentative, flexible plan, of course, depending how certain things fall out. For now, I'm going to do nothing :) Come Monday, I'll start job hunting, etc. And this time, I'm going to be more picky about what I take. Take my time. Try industry/government and only go back to public accounting if I really need to.

Talked to the HR Manager after work yesterday when she dropped off my personal stuff and looks like I wasn't the only casualty. Is it bad that actually made me feel a tad better? Telling my parents was hard. Even though it wasn't "my fault", I still feel like I've disappointed them. And I know they're going to worry. My dad has already sent me multiple e-mails about job search tips, etc. Thank god I don't have debt.

I contemplated returning my Burberry bag last night but screw it. I'm keeping it.

The Vancouver Con may be in jeopardy but Chicago Con is most definitely still on. Just have to see what happens in the next few months.

The Memphis trip will most likely move up. The UK trip is now on hold, maybe it'll move up, maybe it'll be postponed. The last time I visited the UK, I was also unemployed at the time. Hope this isn't going to be a running pattern, heh. On the bright side, I may have a replacement trip but that's going to be discussed this weekend with the family.

Brother & SIL are coming back for the weekend tonight and they'll be staying here for the night. At least now I have the whole day to clean. Which I should get started on.
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