May 15th, 2009

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a smorgasbord of stuff

Guys. I am so bored right now. I have done nothing today, NOTHING! There's no work. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

So, what have I been doing?

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2. Watching a very cute video of Thomas Dekker thanking the fans for fighting to save T:SCC.

I love that he left a voicemail for Fox! And he's too adorable for having just woken up.

3. This weekend, the lottery is at $40m and everyone chipped in at the office for tickets. So of course, this meant perusing the real estate sites and looking at multi-million dollar homes that are currently on sale in the area. We sure can dream, can't we? If we do win, it'll come to $1.4m per person. Not too shabby *crosses fingers*

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5. It's the long weeknd for us. I'll be spending it doing much needed spring cleaning and maybe catching a movie. 1.5 hours to go...
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I have a new favourite tv show and it hasn't officially aired yet! It's name is Glee!

The show officially premieres after the American Idol finale and then comes back full time in the fall. But thanks to the magic of the internets, I've already watched the pilot over and over and over.

Lots of comparisons to HSM which is understandable but in Glee, the Sharpay-character is far from popular, may actually hook up with the Troy-character and, the best part of all, no Gabrielle-character! Unlike musicals, the singing will only take place where it makes sense (ie practicing, performing, etc) and all the music will be covers of popular songs but gleeclub-ified.

One of the Fox promos and that performance that you hear, where they're wearing red, is my absolute FAVOURITE. It's soooooo good! *needs to reacquiant myself with some Journey*

If you're interested in seeing the entire performance of "Don't Stop Believing", anteka has posted a video clip of it on her LJ.

Is it bad that I'm already dreading the cancellation of this show? I have so little faith in network tv nowadays. Supposedly Fox has ordered 13 epiodes. Please please please let this do well enough for at least 1 season. That's all I ask.