May 6th, 2009

actor: ryan reynolds bike

ask and you shall receive

According to JustJared, we're getting a DeadPool movie! Huzzah!! More Ryan Reynolds is never a bad thing. Throw in Gambit and it'll be even better.

In other news, last night was my first foray back to the hallowed halls of higher learning after a*cough*12 year*cough* absence i.e. first day of Mandarin class. Class size of about 12 people - 3 non-Asian, a Korean, a few Cantonese-speakers and a few like me (can speak/understand but can't read/write). I don't know about the prof though. He's constantly flying off into different directions. I've already learned that I've been saying some things grammatically incorrect lol. Learning hanyu pinyin (phonetic system using roman characters) and simplified Chinese is going to be hard for me though as that's not how I was taught as a child. But what's really killing me is the oral presentation as the final assignment. NOOOOOOOOOOOO