April 26th, 2009

actor: zac blue

third time's the charm

After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I FINALLY saw 17 Again today. LOVED it but really, was there any doubt? Cause any movie that begins with Zac practicing basketball shirtless already gets a thumbs up from me. Yes, the storyline is predictable but I really enjoyed the relationship between Mark/Mike and his son, Alex. Dawn Michelle Trachtenberg, on the other hand, kinda bugged me. Zac was great. No, really, it's not just my lust speaking! He's so utterly charming. Who needs to wear blue ALL THE TIME. He's a jock/geek/hot boy all rolled into one. Speaking of geeks, how much did I love Ned Gold? The light saber fight was AWESOME.

Because all Zac movies have to involve him dancing.

There was another dance scene at the victory party but it was cut from the film. Hope it's on the DVD *fingers crossed*

Where Zac Efron + a Goonies reference = \o/ As if I already didn't love this boy.