April 17th, 2009

text: i heart english boys

britain's got talent

Everyone has seen Susan Boyle, yes?  I am floored how international this has become!  20.2 million hits so far and counting!  Go Susan!!

This morning, while I was wasting time instead of getting ready for work, I checked out a couple more acts from the show.  There's Flawless, a great dance crew.   The father-son duo, Stavros Flatly.  OMG, I was DYING of laughter!!  The kid is PRICELESS!  You do have to be familiar with Michael Flatly to fully appreciate it but dude.  SO FUNNY.  And Simon is right, the father-son must have a brilliant relationship.

Embedding is disabled, hence the links.

Oh yes, I have joined Twitter just to follow all the New Kids certain celebs.  Not Ashton though.  Blah.  Tweet that made me LOL today: Kevin Smith:  @Seth_Rogan Happy belated BDay you traitor to fat fucks everywhere.  Eat two sandwiches, willya?  You're making us lardasses look even worse.

Had yummy Indian food lunch today (rice + butter chicken + chickpea curry) but am still SO FULL.  Need a nap.