April 12th, 2009

actor: keanu river

songs of a purple summer

*  Just came back from watching Spring Awakening.  Really enjoyed it but it didn't grab me like other musicals have.  While I do have the soundtrack, I'm not rushing to listen to it.  While Kyle Riabko is off filming some stupid pilot for ABC, we were treated to his understudy who, from the back of the theatre, kinda looked like Zac Efron (shut up).  Also, can I just say that watching a simulated masturbation scene with your mother sitting beside you is awkward!  What I couldn't believe was a lady took her young children to see this!  A show with the above mentioned scene, swearing, talk of physical and sexual abuse, sex scene, abortion, suicide, etc etc.   I saw an usher talk to her for a few minutes before letting them in.  I guess that's all they can do as ultimately, it is her decision.  Although, I kinda wonder what her kids thought of the show.

*  I can not stop reading Merlin/Arthur fanfic!   nixwilliams , I've pretty much went through all of your bookmarks, so I'm blaming you for all those late nights :)   I am glad to hear that NBC finally has an air date for Merlin which, along with the fanfic reading, will help during this long, long break til S2.  And when are those bloody DVDs coming out?!

*  Right now, just down the street, there are firetrucks, police cars & ambulances.  The 20-odd firemen don't seem to be in a big rush/panic so that's good but then, a couple of them were taking off these blue plastic-y (hazmat?) suits, which doesn't look so good.  Then I thought maybe it's for a film shoot but I don't see any trailers, wires, lights, etc.  I have no idea what's going on.

*  I re-discovered my love for My Own Private Idaho and as a result, I went on a mini-Keanu Reeves marathon.  Guilty pleasure -- aren't all Keanu movies guilty pleasure? -- is The Lakehouse.  I recognize all its faults but I don't even care.  Keanu/Sandra is like the comfort-food version of Kate/Leo.  Next up, a mini-River marathon.