April 11th, 2009

dw: dr who inside tardis

a shift in perspective

Still here at the farm.  There are only 2 office staff here and watching them work the past few days... I'm never complaining about my job again.  They're doing the work of 3-4 people, they both have young children at home (one's a single mother), no wonder the bookkeeping is so far behind (they haven't done a bank rec all year, and as my fellow accountants know, that's a big problem).  Especially the one girl, Holly -- she's like the controller, executive secretary, human resources, office manager, marriage counselor to the owners all rolled into one, she pulls insane hours, working sometimes til past midnight and her pay is like $45k!  And now with me here, the owners are coming down on Holly to get things done cause they need statements for financing.  I feel so bad.  We were here til 10pm last night, the owners left at 3pm and, I kid you not, they must've called Holly once a hour.   I wanted to pick up the phone and tell them to leave her the hell alone! 

Onto more pleasant things...

#1 -- New Doctor Who today!!!!  \o/  I have, shock of all shocks, remained spoiler-free.  I'm so excited!

#2 -- New Robin Hood today!!!  \o/

#3 -- Zac Efron hosts SNL!!!  \o/  Have y'all seen Zac Efron's Pool Party??  Funny stuff.  I've never heard of this Funny or Die site; saw the link on my f-list.

#4 -- Spring Awakening tomorrow!!!

Alright, back to the grind and hopefully I'll be out of here at a decent time.