March 30th, 2009

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new kids in london

Yesterday, I went to the NKOTB show in London, ON which is 2 hour drive from Toronto. I got there late so missed a good 15-20 minutes because I clearly FAIL at time estimation. To make matters worse, it started to pour rain about 30 minutes outside of London so there I am, in a strange city trying to read street signs at night while it's raining. FAIL AGAIN.

But I eventually arrived and with my 3rd row seat scored some pretty good pictures and not-so-good video. I love my camera but it can't zoom while it's recording which SUCKS. And I had stupid tall girl in front of me to my right so you'll see her head a lot in my videos.

From what I saw, the setlist was pretty much the same, they just switched up the order. The place wasn't sold out, most of the upper level was empty, but damn, it was loud! After the show, there was a crowd by the trailers -- where I just happened to park my car, coincidence, I swear ;) -- so I hung around for about 30 minutes. Did mention to catch a glimpse of Jordan, Danny and Jon(?) as they made their way to their buses. Only Danny came right up to the fans though. I didn't hang around much longer cause I had to drive back. I drank one of those energy drinks so I won't fall asleep on the drive. Worked like a charm but damn, I couldn't fall asleep once I got home LOL Oh well, I had Supernatural LA con reports to read and pictures & videos to upload.

They've just annouced a summer tour but the only Canadian stop is Montreal. BOO. There's a Buffalo which is a possibility. And shows in Cincinnati & Memphis (is this close to you, Jersey?). Just throwing that out there, ya know, in case certain people wouldn't mind a visit from a crazy fan. ;) Hopefully, a TO show will be announced later. Full show list here.

One more thing -- THESE BOYS MAKE ME HAPPY =)

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more new kids squee! and some other stuff

I re-checked the summer concert listing for NKOTB and we're on, baby!!  June 21st, Molson Amphitheatre!!!!  Oddly, Montreal has disappeared.  Huh.  Anyway, as I was perusing the other venues, I was amused that while all the other amphitheatres are named after telephone/cable companies, banks, etc, our amphitheatre is the only one named after a beer company.  How Canadian of us, LOL

A question for worlddescending  -- I finally started watching IQ-145 this weekend and was wondering, is the series finished?  Do you know?  I've only seen the first 3 eps so far.  Thomas should do more voice work.  He has a lovely voice :)

Robin Hood S3 premiered last weekend.  I can't believe it's been over a year since S2 ended.  Anyway, won't go into a long recap but just say that I really enjoyed the episode.  Turk can stay.  I still don't get the Guy/Armitage love but whatever.  I miss Marian, Will & Djaq.  Allan is bringing the eye candy, day-um.