March 20th, 2009

vl: thore

random things of happiness

* It's the first day of Spring!! \o/ It's a bit chilly outside but the sun is shining and I haven't worn a coat for the past 3 days.

* I am currently in 3rd place in our firm's March Madness pool. And I picked the same winner - North Carolina - as President Obama.

* Eating Smarties for breakfast. Don't judge - I'm hungry and it's a 5 minute drive to the nearest Tim Horton's so Smarties from the vending machine it is.

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* Still liking Castle. The show itself is average but damn, Fillion looks gorgeous! And I am that shallow that I will continue to watch.

* Video of AfterElton's interview with Jo Weil & Thore Scholermann (Olli/Christian) while they were at Whistler for WinterPride. EEEEEEEEE THEY'RE IN MY COUNTRY, WAVING MY FLAG!!!! :D THEY ARE JUST SOOOOO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I WANNA SQUISH THEM.

Audio isn't great cause they had to change the location at the last minute. Man, I wish I was there. Damn Whistler for being on the other side of the country!

* TGIF!! Which doesn't really mean anything to me since I'm working tomorrow anyway but still! Friday! Maybe I'll actually leave the office before 8pm tonight. Of course, it will help if I actually did some work so I can leave at a reasonable time so yeah, going to do that right now.