March 5th, 2009

movies: hogwarts

the sun is shining and the temperature is rising

** After a few days of bone-chilling cold -- made even worse by the fact it came after a couple of days of lovely weather -- Mother Nature has finally taken pity on us.

** I have finally migrated over to using Firefox.  Any must-have/cool add-ons I should use, f-list?

** Last week's Legend of the Seeker ep had an overused fantasy/sci-fi plot (main characters' bodies being taken over by the spirits of star-crossed lovers) and was complete fanservice but who the hell cares when we got scenes like this:

(animation by[info]cathartic_prose)

And there was the whole Richard unlacing Kahlan's gown and the hair & back grabbage and the kissing and the belt unbuckling...

...  What was I going to say again? I've completely lost my train of thought.

** Saw The Color Purple, the musical.  The singing was phenomenal.  I only had a vague recollection of the book & movie but according to Wiki, the musical appears to be pretty faithful to the book. 

** I have d/l'd the Twilight movie.  Let's see how long it'll take me to actually watch it.

** The Harry Potter boys continue to age quite nicely.   I thought Tom Felton (Draco) went through an awkward phase but he's looking good these days.   Collapse )IMO, Tom/Draco has been dreadfully underused in the last couple of HP films.  Hopefully this will be corrected in the upcoming movies.

** mmmmm, Thai curry for lunch but now I'm stuffed.

** Tomorrow is Toronto's 175th birthday and the Star did a list of 175 reasons to love TO.  I feel all fuzzy and warm inside, lol.  A lot of things I've seen/done on that list and a lot of things I haven't.  Will have to continue my Discovering My City tour this summer.

** Nathan Fillion has a new TV show!!!  Castle on ABC starting March 9th.  I hope this show works out for him, I miss my Capt Tight Pants.