February 23rd, 2009

actor: heath

post-oscar thoughts

* Damn, I missed most of the opening number! Will have to youtube it later tonight.
* At first, I was iffy on the new past-winners-pay-tribute-to-current-nominees format but I like it. Watching Anne Hathaway getting all verklempt was worth it. Some tributes were really heartfelt, others just read off a teleprompter (looking at you, Kidman).
* Good idea of bunching all the awards into categories and having the same presenter for them.
* Tina Fey & Steve Martin were hilarious.
* Black's speech after winning the screenplay Oscar was beautiful.
* I love musicals and I'm all for more Singing!and!Dancing!Hugh (plus Zac) but DAMN, that number was a hot mess. Beyonce needs to GO AWAY NOW. It went on way too long and I hated how they mashed all the songs together. TPTB decided there wasn't enough time to properly perform the 3 nominated songs but had time for that crap?
* Best Song performances - man, if I was AR Rahman, I would've been a nervous wreck! Go up to accept an award (poor guy's joke totally fell flat), go perform and then accept again! So glad "Jai Ho" won though. Again, that ending mash-up was HORRIBLE.
* LOL @ Jack Black's quip about doing Dreamwork animation films but bets on Pixar
* The camera work during the In Memorian tribute was atrocious; couldn't read the names for a lot of them.
* Stiller's Joaquin was pretty funny and the Franco/Rogan Pineapple Express guys were OK.
* The Ledger family accepting the award of Heath's behalf *sniffles*
* Kate's Dad's whistle FTW!!! THAT was awesome! V happy Kate won, too :)
* After being a predictable Oscar so far, was surprised that Penn won over Rourke. DeNiro's tribute was gold. LOL @ him calling the Academy a bunch of "commie homo-loving sons of guns" and "I know I make it hard sometimes for you to like me". While I understand & appreciated what SP was trying to do, with his comments on Prop 8 and the like, the delivery left something to be desired.
* Yay for Slumdog winning!! And the little kids were there!! In tuxes!! Awwwwwwww
* And a big thank you for CTV for airing The Amazing Race an hour early so I could watch both (that pie-smashing task was hilarious!)