February 22nd, 2009

firefly: mal good day

birthday weekend

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes and picspams of pretty boys and virtual gifts!!  It was all so appreciated.  ((hugs everyone)) 

Friday -- co-workers took me out for lunch after N declared LOUDLY that it was my b-day LOL  Crazy girl.  But I'm glad I was in the office then being stuck by myself at the clients in the sauna-like boardroom

Saturday -- dentist appointment, ooooh fun.  Then got an oil change (which was waaaaaaay overdue), more fun.  Headed into the office for a couple of hours before going to the CA grad dinner (our firm purchased 2 tables so I decided to go this year).  My god, I've never seen so many accountants in one place before.  There was probably around 4,000 of us plus another 1,000 of significant others!  I never went to my CA grad dinner so I figured I should check it out at least once.

Sunday -- did some research on courses and discovered that UofT's con ed dept offers not only full courses but "mini-courses" too (ie the course ranges from 1 - 8 sessions) which is great cause there's no exams/assignments, it's cheaper and I can squeeze in more classes instead of spending the entire 4 months in 1 class.  There's one called "Great Inventors & Their Inventions" which I'm going to sign up for.  There's a Jane Austen course but it's an afternoon class *criez*   In the afternoon, went to Holt Renfrew just to check out some handbags.  Of course, all the bags that caught my eye were in the 4 digit range *headdesk*  And then I purchased a Gucci wallet.  I am such an impulse buyer -- if something catches my eye, 90% of the time, I buy it right then & there.  Walked out of Holt quickly before I totally lost my mind, left an "OMG I JUST SPENT $$$$$ ON A FREAKIN' WALLET! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!!" message on R's voicemail, got a mani/pedi on the way home and now I'm posting!

I also started reading again \o/ !!!!  I must've started 4-5 books over the last few months but nothing grabbed my attention and I didn't continue with any of them.  Went to grab a book yesterday to prepare for waiting at dentist office and service centre.  I picked up Phillip Pullman's "Ruby in the Smoke" as I figure I should read this before I watch the BBC adaptation and I'm hooked!  What a relief.  I miss reading.

Off to make some dinner, throw a load of laundry in and get ready for some Oscar/TAR watching!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!!