February 17th, 2009

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i need to do something, anything

I feel like I'm in such a rut.  All I do is work lately, pulling 9, 10, 11 hours a day, every day and going in on the weekend as well.  I know it's the busy season and this is par for course but I'm just really feeling it this year.  Plus, the crazy hours started earlier than usual which was exactly what we all feared when they let go a bunch of staff a few months ago.

Anyway, enough about that.  I'm thinking of volunteering.   I need to get out.  The only problem is what organization?  I've only volunteered once and that was clerical work at a senior citizen's home.  Any suggestions, f-list?  Would any of my fellow Torontonians want to do this with me?  I have looked into volunteering at TIFF but that would drastically cut into stalking time so stalking wins. :)

Am also looking into taking a course or two in the summer.  There's Ryerson -- best in terms of location for me -- and George Brown -- location isn't too bad but cheaper than Ryerson.  Looking into languages (Mandarin & German) but there's a placement interview requirement for Mandarin which isn't a problem except it's only a specific date and they close at 7pm.  I tried to make it to the last one and I missed it by 10mins.  If not, maybe a history class or a lit class.  Need to make up my mind soon as registration is going to start in a few weeks.

Why isn't megaupload working for me?!  *criez*  This better be temporary.  There's so much stuff I want to d/l and it's all on MU!

And why is it so bloody hot in this boardroom?!?!!   I'm sweating here! 

*insert some more whine whine grumble grumble rant why life must be so sucky whine rant*

Am I having a mid-life crises?  Is it too early?  Will I actually get off my ever expanding ass and do something about it?

Back to the grind.
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